About Us

Farewell Coffee is a small batch craft roaster that focuses on producing responsibly sourced, high quality coffee coupled with excellent customer service. 

To us, coffee is just as much about the experience as it is about the taste. Our beginning started at a humble fire station table where coffee, laughter, and friendship were always in abundance. Coffee seemed to bring others together; on the good days and bad. It facilitated great discussion, and was also the perfect way to have a quiet moment to recover and recharge.
Beyond the morning buzz and social experience that coffee provided, there was a whole world of flavors, roast levels, blends, and origins that was as fascinating as it was complex. The appreciation for these things led to what only seemed like a natural progression into home roasting, and several years after, into a business. 

We're a husband and wife team -- each with our own strengths that help balance out this small business and it's footprint in Central Oregon. Garret is a career Firefighter Paramedic Clackamas Fire District #1, and on his off days is the roaster of all of our coffees. He is responsible for selecting all of our different coffees we offer and bringing their flavors to life. Carlee is the woman behind the scenes, keeping everything running like a well-oiled machine with the all-encompassing responsibilities of content creator, website designer and developer, customer service rep, and manager of all outgoing orders whether it be local deliveries to our wholesale accounts and doorstep drop-offs as well as frequent daily stops at the Post Office. 

If you'd like to follow along on our journey, you can find us on Instagram @farewellcoffeeroasters or on Facebook by searching 'Farewell Coffee Roasters'.